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Beachgoers concerned over waste water

The drains on Olympion beach

Limassol municipality sought to play down concerns on Wednesday after beachgoers noticed waste water flowing into the sea from rainwater drains on Olympion beach.

Responding to complaints, the municipality said the water seen coming from the drains was water from swimming pools and a fountain at a coastal resort.

The municipality’s health services said it was due to the strong winds.

But the explanation was rubbished by beachgoers who have noticed it before.

“It’s a cheap excuse because there was no strong wind in the morning and it is a phenomenon we notice throughout the summer,” the head of the winter swimmers group, Erma Stylianidou, said.

Stylianidou said the problem concerned three to four rainwater drains.

“You can’t have people dumping anything they want in the rainwater drains,” she said, demanding an inquiry into the affair.

She said the municipality ought to have tested the water and tell people what was being dumped in the sea.

The water may not be polluted but “we can’t swim in foam and destroy our environment”, she said.


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