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Norwegian court orders return of Marie-Eleni to Cyprus

Marie-Eleni was abducted by her father in April 2017

Oslo district court has ordered the immediate return of four-year-old Marie Eleni to Cyprus, following her abduction from Nicosia almost five months ago, it emerged on Wednesday.

Lawyer Larry Vrahimis, acting on behalf of Marie’s mother Eleni Ioannou, told state radio that the order from Norway states that the girl’s Norwegian father, Torkel Grimsrud, must immediately return Marie to Cyprus.

If authorities in Norway locate her, arrangements will be made to return Marie to her mother in Cyprus, Vrahimis said. The court decision was made earlier last month.

Marie-Eleni was abducted outside her kindergarten in Dasoupoli, Nicosia on April 27, after a custody battle between her parents. Her father’s lawyer said a few days later that the girl was taken by Grimsrud himself.

The whereabouts of the father and child have been unknown since the abduction. A European and international arrest warrant was issued for Grimsrud. In May.

The Norwegian Supreme Court rejected another appeal for custody filed by Grimsrud on the grounds that the girl’s country of residence had never been Norway and he needed to file the appeal in Cyprus.

A total of seven people have been arrested in connection with the abduction, who have since been released.

Vrahimis said there was no information that could be announced as to where Marie was only information that was being investigated.

“The margin is getting tighter. Marie Eleni will soon have to come home,” he added.

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