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Number of prostate cases on the rise, but ‘curable’, says official

AROUND 460 new cases of prostate cancer are reported every year in Cyprus, and despite an increase of this type of cancer, if detected early it is curable, it was announced on Friday.

Christina Yiannaki, permanent secretary of the health ministry, said that on average, between 76 and 103 deaths due to prostate cancer are recorded each year in Cyprus.

“Prostate cancer is the third cause of death among men throughout Europe, but it can be detected early and cured, as long as each man is properly informed and acts immediately,” Yiannaki said during a press conference to mark the European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day (EPAD). It is important that men over 50 are frequently checked for prostate cancer, she said.

Yiannaki added that state hospitals apply treatments based on European and international standards and practices.

“The goal is the introduction of innovative and less invasive treatments,” she said.

Since 2015 and up to the second half of 2017, she said, 319 men each received €7,500 in subsidy from the health ministry for robotic prostatectomy – 296 in Cyprus and 23 abroad.

In addition, Yiannaki said, the ministry raised the age restriction of 65 imposed on the subsidy eligibility to include more men, as it emerged that most cases concerned patients over 65.

She added that this year, Europa Uomo, the advocacy movement for the fight against prostate cancer, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Anti-cancer Association to reinforce their effort to raise awareness among men.

Experts and representatives of anti-cancer organisations urged men to get tested regularly and cast aside fear, as late diagnosis could lead to death. In Europe, they said, every six minutes one man dies from prostate cancer.

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