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Weddings, Beaches and Turtles

I have been following the news articles and the on-line correspondence about the recent wedding at the Anassa Hotel, Neo Chorio, Paphos and the associated issues relating to its use of the nearby public beach (Asprokremmos) and the adverse effect that it was having on the local turtle nesting grounds.

It would seem to me that had the laws, rules and regulations etc. of the Republic of Cyprus been properly followed, then none of this “brouhaha”, as one commentator has referred to it, would have occurred – simple as that.

It is no good blaming the so called “environmentalists” for, quite rightly, expecting the people whom are democratically elected, to properly apply and enforce the laws of the land. Had this been done in the first place then none of the unnecessary adverse publicity that this event has generated for Cyprus, locally, nationally and internationally, would have happened and the wedding would have gone ahead without fuss and controversy.

An outcome that I am sure all of those involved with the wedding i.e. the couple themselves, their families and friends as well as the organisers, would have much preferred.

Having said that, the fact that the situation was rectified by the relevant authorities (albeit after the environmental damage had already occurred), has generally been seen in a positive light for Cyprus. If laws, rules and regulations are applied equitably and consistently, then no-one can complain – whichever side of an argument they may find themselves on.

On a closely related matter it is to be hoped that those mindless morons and hooligans who, in the same week, purportedly destroyed countless turtle nests at Limni, Polis Chrysochous, by driving vehicles over them, are swiftly apprehended, brought to justice and are severely punished for their actions.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to “advertise” the Akamas Clean-up Team (ACT) – a small group of volunteers who meet every two months or so to remove rubbish from the more remote areas of the Akamas Peninsula in Cyprus. More information about ACT, its past 28 and future Clean-ups and how to become involved, may be found on its Facebook Page:


Keith Watkins, Neo Chorio.


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