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Rule by referendum is not democratic

With reference to the letters of Mr Lait, Mr Drayton and of Jonathan Reddaway on the UK Brexit referendum. Rule by referendum is not democratic. It is undemocratic, and has its own term: ochlocratic. This is because ‘losers’ have no voice nor any representation. This they would have in a general election. Moreover, action taken as a result is permanent and not for the five-year term of a parliament.

I am amazed that our seemingly spineless MPs in the UK parliament do not know this, and constantly refer to the democratic implementation of the will of the people. It is neither democratic nor the will of THE people. By removing the democratic right of representation from well-nigh half the referendum voters they make a mockery of democracy whilst falsely claiming they do this in the name of democracy.

Boris Johnson promised voters unicorns and that post-Brexit the economy would be a ‘titanic’ success. He promised the imaginary and undeliverable for an economy that would sink irretrievably to great depths.

So why do the Tories support this fiasco, this suicide? Interesting that in 2019, the EU is set to outlaw the use of tax havens by EU members. Think hedge-fund managers aka Mr May, Cameron and their ilk?


Margaret Georgiadou, Nicosia

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