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Conservationists concerned over forest development

The Pera Pedi reservoir (photo Terra Cypria)

Conservationists on Wednesday voiced concern over the potential effects to the environment of a proposed development at Pera Pedi, a village on the Troodos range in the district of Limassol.

Terra Cypria said the community supported the project “because it would breathe life into the community and jobs for residents” but the forestry department is worried about the trees that will be felled and the water development department is concerned about the possibility of contamination of the river Krios and the reservoir.

Terra Cypria said it was concerned, not only about the particular project but the future of the island in general.

“Has anyone wondered what the community would do with the fresh breath and the jobs if it doesn’t have clean air … while the water it drinks might be affected?”

The project by Parnitha Development Ltd includes a hotel, spa, sports facilities, five villas, a chapel, and horse stables.

Terra Cypria conceded that some money may find their way to the communities in the area but potential effects to the residents’ health should also be taken into account.

“Of course it is desirable for a community to make more money, but if it affects the residents’ water and air in its effort what would it have achieved over time?” the organisation said.

If the authorities’ concerns are correct, then it might be the time for the society and the government to take a look at the long-term interest and health of the people and make the proper strategic decisions, Terra Cypria said.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money,” the conservationists said, quoting a native American saying.

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