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Letter on Turkey’s measures in the north circulated as UN document

The Turkish government has extended its purges to the north

A letter dated October 3 from the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN about Turkey’s attempts to impose a wider, political, economic and social agenda in the north has been circulated as a UN document, CNA reported on Thursday.

In the letter, Kornelios Korneliou conveys grave concern regarding the alarming deterioration of the human rights situation in Turkey and the direct impact of this anomalous state in the north of the island.

He noted that more than a year has elapsed since the attempted coup in Turkey, the state of emergency is still in force and the measures enacted have often been excessive and disproportionate, with grave and far -reaching negative consequences for Turkish society.
Cyprus, he said, has additional reasons to be worried about these negative developments in Turkey, as they have a direct impact on the everyday life of a significant number of Cypriot citizens living in the north.

Korneliou said the Turkish government has been extending to the north, its purges of people allegedly linked to a ‘terrorist organisation’, meaning the Fetulah Gülen movement.

“The information about the extension of the purges to the occupied part of Cyprus cannot  be  disassociated  from  a  wider  methodical  attempt  by  the Turkish government to impose a political, economic and social agenda in the occupied areas along the lines of similar policies in Turkey.  In this connection, we have witnessed lately an intensification of Turkish attempts to change the demographics of the
occupied areas of Cyprus through colonization and a ‘citizenship’ granting process
for Turkish citizens,” he said.

He also said the full economic dependency of the Turkish Cypriot community on Turkey constituted yet another significant parameter of Turkey’s plan to dominate life in the north.

“The future of the Turkish Cypriots, as one of the two Cypriot communities, is inextricably linked to the future of all Cypriots and of the whole of Cyprus. This is why my government follows closely the alarming developments in the occupied areas and reiterates its expression of grave concern for the predicament afflicting part of the people of Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot community. Their identity and future seem to be in serious jeopardy as a result of Turkey’s assimilation polices,” he added.

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