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Holistic skin and body care from plants of Cyprus

Cyprus can be frustrating. The weather’s too hot, the politics are endless, there’s a total inability to queue. The bureaucracy is soul-destroying, nothing happens on time, and our salaries are atrocious. But wait. Pause for a second and breathe… You live in a country with values (if you lose it, it will be returned), you have more holidays then pretty much any other European nation, random strangers will still stop to help people in trouble, and there’s a wonderful siga siga ease to life. And that’s not to mention the lack of pollution, the incredible topography (where else can you ski and swim in the same day?!), and our unique flora. In short, we’re incredibly privileged in terms of our wellbeing quotient, and we’re all enjoying a lifestyle that newly-launched skin and body care company Kypwell intend to share with the world.

“We both love Cyprus; Inna Orlova – my co-founder – and I have lived here for years,” says Elena Elraie. “And, with Kypwell, we’ve created a natural, high-performance, holistic product that will promote Cyprus to the world, show what we feel about the island.” Launched just over a month ago, Kypwell is the essence of the island way of life: a wellbeing company which offers tailored solutions to skin concerns, herbal teas soothe and heal body, mind and soul, and – most importantly – an entirely natural, organic skincare range based on the herbs of Cyprus – a matter of mutual interest for the pair.

Having met at university, the two friends drifted into very different fields – Elena into IT, and Inna becoming a marketeer – but both found themselves fascinated by the same subject at the same time. “For me,” says Elena, “it was a topic I’d been reading up on; I’d become very interested in the therapeutic elements of the herbs of Cyprus.” Inna, meanwhile, describes how clean-living, a natural diet and lifestyle helped her mother overcome cancer. “The doctors told my mum three things: exercise, eat naturally, and change what you put on your skin. The first two were easy,” Inna explains, “but it proved very difficult to find skincare which didn’t contain thickeners or preservatives. Elena and I had been discussing the idea of creating a line founded on the potency of local herbs – based on the heritage of the monks of old but with modernised formulae ¬ and gradually moved towards a holistic wellbeing concept: the idea that clean products and personalised treatments could make a real difference!”

Today, both the club (Kypwell Club, in Germasoyia, which offers a range of à la carte services for the face and body targeting issues such as detox, slimming, calming, rehabilitation and longevity) and the skincare line are well underway, while the herbal teas are set to launch in the coming weeks. “Kypwell boasts 20 skin care products,” Elena reveals. “Creams for the face, neck, eyes and décolleté; serums for specific conditions (acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation, sensitive skin); cleansing products (scrub, mist toner); masks (one for combination oily, the other for normal to dry skin); a hand and nail cream; and three body products (body scrub, dry body oil and anti-cellulite and firming emulsion).”

But it’s the ingredients that make these products so special. Having tried them myself, I can attest to the benefits: my skin feels firmer, plumper, and healthier; I’ve stopped wearing makeup because my skin’s so naturally glowy and, while no amount of anti-cellulite treatment is going to shift the orange peel on my thighs, I have noticed the beneficial effects. And this, I might add, is in less than a fortnight of use! “Everyone who tries the products sees the difference,” Elena says, “and we’re living proof of the efficacy ourselves. Not only do we use the products, our friends” – and, secretly, our husbands, Inna adds! – “also swear by the Kypwell skincare range.”

The line is aimed at women over the age of 25 (except for the acne range), especially those who have a few decades under their collective belts. “We’re targeting issues with pigmentation, oiliness, and hormonal changes, with dry and sensitive skin – all the issues a lady may face,” Inna continues. “We’re well aware of what women need, and we set out to create products that would fit the busy lifestyle of a modern woman. So, for example, our hand cream is not only designed to strengthen, nourish, and protect, it’s also non-greasy, so you can handle documents straight away. Similarly, our body oil is quick-drying – you’re getting all the benefits, but don’t have to wait for it to sink in before you go for a run or take the kids to school…”

It’s this ethos of catering to the modem woman that puts Kypwell on point. “These products really work,” Elena states, “but they’re also very nourishing and totally safe for the skin. Cyprus has this unique climate and soil that creates very potent flora, especially herbs. And what matters is not just how they’re cultivated, but also where, and how they’re cut and when. These are all things we’re very careful about,” she explains, adding that the herbs are grown at the optimum height of 700m above sea level in the Troodos mountains – without the use of any form of pesticide. “Our herbs are certified organic, and are chosen for inclusion in the products according to how they work synergistically. And these high-performance products consist of a 25 to 50 per cent concentration of extracts from local certified organic herbs; 15 to 30 per cent distilled flower water from local certified organic herbs, and a number of high-tech ingredients from leading European laboratories.”

“What we’ve created is a locally-based, holistic, natural skincare range which has long-term benefits for the skin,” Inna concludes. “It may only have been a month, but we’re already seeing considerable success: we launched at the Natural Organics Product Europe expo in London and, later this year, we’re off to an exhibition in Russia. But despite the fact we’re a new brand, we’ve seen a great response from both big retailers and individual clientele all over the world. It’s early of course, but we’re very optimistic that we can bring the amazing benefits of the Cyprus lifestyle to the world.”

Kypwell, Tel: 22 008351, email [email protected], or visit

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