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Constant arrogance and discourtesy from the interior ministry on the issue of crematoriums

Representing around 12,000 supporters interested in the establishment of a crematorium here in Cyprus I wrote to the former interior minister to seek his help in obtaining a licence for a crematorium once the relevant bill was passed.  This licence is needed for any further progress and it is the interior ministry which has responsibility for its issuance.  There was no reply and all follow up correspondence was ignored.  The new minister, Mr Petrides, was contacted and asked to look into the request and to make up for the lack of response hitherto.  No reply was forthcoming, and again, all correspondence has been ignored.
I believe after almost 15 years of lobbying, and once the Bill was published, its supporters should deserve consideration – especially as there are now so many more faiths in Cyprus, each having the right to establish their ultimate disposal in accordance with their beliefs and requirements.
The arrogance and discourtesy evident from the way the ministry chooses to handle perfectly legitimate enquiries is shameful and not in accordance with the way a modern and efficient Government should operate.
And attempting to persuade the President to prod one of his Ministers is a complete waste of time and effort.
Clive Turner, Paphos


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