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We need to protect, not kill God’s creatures

I am just reading the letter from S.K. in the Sunday Mail about the ambelopoulia debate. My little contribution is about the word ‘survival’ the Archimandrite used when according to him God sent these songbirds to the Israelites when they had to survive in the desert. I will not go into the semantics of ‘manna’ or ‘birds’ but we certainly do not need little songbirds for our survival in this land of plenty and waste! Isn’t there also something in the Bible about us having stewardship over the earth, and would that not mean that we should protect any of God’s creatures from extinction? We humans are surviving pretty well, but the little ambelopoulia are being caught by unfair means on limesticks and mist nets together with other suffering trapped birds, and become an endangered species.

Marion Pnevmatikou, Limassol

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