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Protests as Aglandjia tree-felling continues

About 100 trees have been cut down so far

A total of 13 trees were chopped down from Akadimia Park in Nicosia on Sunday as part of the ongoing Aglandjia roadworks.

In a statement, the Initiative for Akadimia Park, which has in the past organised demonstrations and protests in a bid to protect the trees, said that the forestry department decided to carry out the felling on a Sunday, and during heavy rain, to limit the protests.

“The forest department had reassured that if it were to proceed with cutting the drees, it would be done legally and within working hours,” the statement said.

“Disgusting. We live in a state that is trying to fool its own citizens.”

The forestry department was not immediately available for comment however the move was also condemned by Green’s MP Charalambos Theopemptou who said it was unacceptable for the state to interfere with nature.

“So far, 300 square metres of the park have been lost to these roadworks.”

About 100 trees have been cut down so far.

The roadworks are part of an ongoing project aimed at reducing congestion in Aglandjia but have been met with objections from local residents who feel the new design which will include four roundabouts and four lanes will affect businesses in the area due to lack of parking.

The plans include the creation of 200 parking spots however there are complaints that the spots are too small to comfortably fit a car.

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