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Former broadcasting authority chairman kept tech when he left

According to the AG's report the former chairman of the broadcasting authority did not return an iPad he was given whenin office

The former chairman of the broadcasting authority kept a service ipad and mobile phone worth over €1,000 without returning them after his tenure was over, a report by the auditor general published on Tuesday revealed.

According to the authority’s website, the previous chairman between 2010 – 2016 was Andreas Petrides.

Though not named in the report, it outlines the former chairman was given an ipad2 tablet in 2014 worth €749 and a mobile phone worth €289.

“It was observed that after he left as chairman due to the end of his tenure, the above items have not been returned,” the report said.

After the audit service pointed out the fact to the authority, it requested Petrides return the items and he responded with a suggestion to purchase them. The matter was not settled by the time the report was prepared.

The authority also needs to carry out more checks, as out of 137 cases it investigated in 2016, 68 were complaints filed directly to the authority, the report outlined.

Additionally, by the end of 2016, the authority was owed €520,000 of which just under €210,000 were fines that had yet to be repaid by July 11, 2017.

The report also reprimanded the authority for accepting post dated cheques for payment when the practice is forbidden in a bid to avoid risks.

The audit service also recommended the authority receive legal consultation over the contract of the chairperson which as it stands now is at six years, something the report outlines should be five years subject to Cabinet approval.

Paid leave was also a topic in the report which the authority was ordered to strictly abide with as well as seeking legal advice regarding the pension of the chairperson.

The authority maintains, through its legal counsel, that the position is a permanent one and thus eligible for a pension plan. The audit service however argues this is not the case and thus, chairpersons in the authority should not be receiving pension plans.

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