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How long should insulation last?


We have placed insulation on our flat roof (apartment building). It lasted for eight years without problems. Now we need to replace it at a cost of €6,000. What is the normal effective life of such an insulation?

Caren Gis, Limassol


Normally it is around to eight to ten years but this provided that no equipment is placed improperly on the roof and no interference by the various traders regarding the placing of antenna, satellite etc, which usually pierces the insulation (the latter is a huge problem which are caused by contractors on behalf of the owners without due care).


AP Loizou


Bearing in mind the increasing number of thefts, do you recommend that we install a security system in our apartment considering that in addition to the installation cost of €600 we need to pay around €60pm maintenance?

Nina Malas


Absolutely. It is not only a matter of losing one’s personal property, but the damage caused and the psychological effects in addition.

In terms of security make sure you also have a camera at the entrance, automatic lights and a video phone. Regrettably ‘times are changing’ as Bob Dylan said and we have to respond. Yes it costs.


AP Loizou


I was charged a total of €3,700 for an agreement in principle by a well-known Paphos law firm (recommended by my estate agent) they then wanted another €2,500 to complete the sale and another €5,000 for title deeds. I said no and went to another lawyer who said they would do all the work for €500 but I had to pay the bill for work done so far which was €3,700. Ιs there anything I can do about compensation apart from naming and shaming the two parties?


John, Pafos


Without taking sides you can report the matter to the Law Society and expect an investigation from them.


AP Loizou


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