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Cyta fined for allowing employee to leak personal data

State owned telecommunications authority (Cyta) was fined on Wednesday €10,000 for violating personal data, after an employee gave confidential data of over 200 customers to a retired police officer.

The fine was handed down by the commissioner for personal data protection, Irini Loizidou.

The case concerns a 43-year-old Cyta employee who used to work at customer service at a Nicosia branch and was later transferred to another department without her access to customer data being interrupted.

According to Loizidou, the woman admitted to handing over data of 207 normal and legal persons to a third person that had no right to the information.

This could have been prevented had Cyta withdrawn her access rights, Loizidou said in a statement announcing the decision.

The woman was arrested in August after it was found she leaked customer personal data including name, identification number, address and phone number – to a 68-year-old retired policeman who was reportedly working as a private investigator.

He too was also arrested and both were released while police said they were investigating the case.

She had used her mobile phone and work computer to send him the data between 2009 and 2017 after he reassured her that he would make sure that the bank loan she had made on behalf of a common acquaintance of theirs, another police officer, would be settled.

The woman claimed she did not know how the data was being used.

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