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Archbishop’s name day holiday is nonsense

I WONDER whose bright idea it was to have a holiday for November 13. Is it the church idea, the ministry of education or the parliament?

I found it absurd, illogical and inappropriate. What other country in the world would deprive children of a day’s schooling because of the name day of the head of the church! As if state doesn’t have enough holidays!

Apart from November 13, we have the bank holiday celebrating the dictator Metaxas’ Ochi, a move which consequently destroyed Greece and March 25. Both of these are Greek holidays. As we are an independent country why should we celebrate another country’s bank holiday.

Does any other country other than the US celebrate the US Independence Day or Labor Day? Does any country other than France celebrate Bastille Day?

If we want to have a proper country then we should celebrate our own holidays. Let’s stop this November 13 nonsense.


AC Demetriades, Limassol

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