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Host of concerns over Peyia project  


We are writing to object to the proposed Zero-Plus building project over Peyia.

Objections have been put forward on numerous grounds concerning the Vassilou development project. We live in England but have a house in Peyia, and should like to support those objections, since it appears they may not have been properly considered. Peyia is already overdeveloped. In addition to the environmental considerations, and the potential danger to people and dwellings on the hillside below, the proposed development will place a strain on the municipality’s resources which are already stretched.

We would request that a full and thorough public investigation be conducted into the feasibility of the project on all grounds before any further steps are taken towards implementation of this project.

Peter Michael Joynson Wesson and Freda Joynson Ashworth-Wesson, Peyia

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