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Building our future together

Education and fun are rarely two things that gel together well but the Your Planet Needs You exhibition continues to go against the grain and prove that learning can be a piece of cake, when the right parameters are set-up.

The exhibition will run until December 17 at the Cyprus International Fair and asks whoever has not yet entered the world of the future to do so.

The exhibition offers interactive games that aim to introduce issues and problems that concern the creation of a sustainable future. Suitable for the whole family, the exhibition was designed by the Science Museum of London. It was first presented at the museum before it began its world tour in places like New York, Kuala Lumpur, Athens and Thessaloniki. Now it has stopped at our island and it is shining a light on some of the most important contemporary issues, such as worldwide reduction of natural resources, climate changes and the need for citizenship activation for a sustainable future.

The exhibition area is separated into topics and is illustrated with impressive designs. All activities within these areas are straightforward so that all visitors can easily take part and solve problems that are similar to those presented to us in real life.

The fun starts right at the entrance to the exhibition, where four characters – Buz, Eco, Tek and Dug – will introduce themselves and take us to the year they come from 2050. They have time-travelled to the past to talk about their present and urge us to think more seriously about our future. They introduce the themes of the exhibition and give visitors a digital survival card where their decisions are documented.

Buz, Eco, Tek and Dug then let visitors walk around the six areas – drinking, eating, building, enjoyment, moving and future city.

In the drinking area visitors can reflect on issues that concern the access we will have to drinking water and the potential techniques and technologies that will save and improve the quality of the water.

In the eating area, visitors can use their survival card to design their own superfoods for the future. This game displays various aspects of technology and their application on food production and management. The dinner table game, for example, looks at the distribution of food and examines how the effects of climate change and population increase will turn nutrition into a crucial issue in the future.

The building area gets visitors to think about houses as being more than just shelters, they provide a sense of privacy, identity and community. This area looks at how more environmental friendly constructions will be built.

The enjoyment area makes visitors think about more ecological ways of having fun. The exhibition area examines six key areas of leisure time from snacks to clothing and travel.

Transport and how we use transport to get around is a huge factor when it comes to the environment. This area helps examine how we can move from place to place without having such a negative impact on climate. These include new fuels, like hydrogen and biofuels and the impacts of different modes of transport.

The future city area is where visitors can see the 2050 neighbourhood they built during their game playing in the exhibition come to life on a big screen. Here you will see how everyone’s potentional lifestyles will combine to affect all our future.

Your Planet Needs You
Interactive exhibition for the whole family. Until December 17. ExpCyprus, G.Seferi, Makedonitissa Area, Egkomi, Nicosia. 10am-7pm. € 10 (parents free). Tel: 22-203600

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