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Bomb found in dead man’s car

An explosive device was spotted in the car of Kyriacos Hadjisavvas, the 47-year-old man who was shot in Ayia Napa last month and died in hospital four days later, it was announced on Wednesday.

According to a police report, an improvised bomb was found in Hadjisavvas’ car on Tuesday, attached to the front right wheel.

The car had been taken to an auto repair shop in Xylophagou two weeks ago.

A mechanic working on the car spotted the device and notified police.

The car had previously been parked in the underground parking lot of a block of apartments in Ayia Napa.

Since the car was moved after Hadjisavvas’ death, police are looking at the possibility that the bomb may have been targeted at another individual.

The Famagusta CID chief and bomb technicians rushed to the scene, and the bomb was neutralised via a controlled explosion.

Following Hadjisavvas’ murder last month, investigators focused on older cases in which Hadjisavvas was involved, relating to the nightlife of Ayia Napa. There was speculation someone might have wanted to silence him.

There had been another attempt against Hadjisavvas’ life in 2008, when he was shot by a man on a motorcycle while he was sitting outside a restaurant on Nissi Avenue in Ayia Napa. Following that attempt, Hadjisavvas spent several months in the hospital. After that incident he reportedly moved to Paphos but returned to Ayia Napa recently.

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