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Anastasiades predicted to comfortably win in 2018 – new poll

President Nicos Anastasiades will be in New York to attend the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations from September 22 to 29,

Incumbent Nicos Anastasiades is most likely to comfortably win the 2018 presidential elections with more than half the votes, according to the results of a poll announced on Antenna TV on Friday night.

According to the second poll carried out by CMRC Cypronetwork Ltd, on behalf of Antenna TV, Anastasiades is expected to lead the race in the first round with 37.5 per cent, followed by Diko leader Nicolas Papadopoulos with 27.1 per cent and Akel-backed independent candidate Stavros Malas with 24.1 per cent.

The results showed that the head of the Citizens’ Alliance, Giorgos Lillikas would most likely come fourth in the first round with 5.3 per cent and the head of the Laiki bondholders, Phivos Mavrovouniotis, last with 1.1 per cent of the votes.

The poll comes a month after the first one carried out by the same company for Antenna.

On who is most likely to win, Anastasiades topped the pile with 54.7 per cent, compared with the last poll’s 48.4 per cent. Papadopoulos is expected second with 15.6 per cent, 0.3 per cent less than the first poll, followed by Malas with 10. 1per cent. Preference for Malas increased by 1.5 per cent.

The results showed that as the elections near, more people changed their minds about not voting. Those who said they would not go to the ballot box, the poll said, dropped from 15.9 per cent to 12.9 per cent, as well as those who said they would cast an invalid or blanc vote, from 9.6 per cent to 6.1 per cent.

Those who have not decided what to do yet however, increased marginally from 3.1 per cent to 3.3 per cent.

In the run-off election in February, Anastasiades continues to hold on to his lead with 33.8 per cent, opposite Papadopoulos’ 30.4 per cent. Under this scenario, 21.1 per cent said would abstain from voting, 10.1 per cent would cast a blank or invalid vote, while those who said they were still undecided increased from 2.9 per cent last month to 4.6 per cent. More than four in 10 Akel voters said that, under this scenario, they would vote Papadopoulos, while 23 per cent said they would not vote, 15.5 per cent said they would cast a blank vote and 12 per cent said they would vote Anastasiades.

In the case where Anastasiades would stand opposite Malas in the run-off, the incumbent is expected to win 38.7 per cent against Malas’ 25.3 per cent. Almost four in ten Diko voters said that under this scenario they would vote Anastasiades.

In qualitative traits, Anastasiades was deemed best fit to govern, handle the Cyprus problem and the economy. Almost one third of respondents said that they find none of the three most popular candidates reliable and 27.4 per cent said they don’t believe any of them is close to the people. Around the same percentage, 27.1, said they don’t believe any of them brings in new ideas.

The latest survey records an increase in the intention to participate in the presidential elections, as 46.3per cent said they would definitely vote – compared with 44.4 per cent in the previous poll – and 25 per cent said they would probably vote – versus 22.5 per cent. Those who said they would probably not vote slightly dropped to 12.8 per cent from last poll’s 13.2 per cent. The 8.8 per cent in November that said they would certainly not vote decreased by 0.2 per cent.

The poll was carried out between November 23 and December 3 via 1,020 personal interviews with randomly selected subjects.


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