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Animal Party hits out over mass cat poisoning

One of the cats found dead in Dasoudi

The Animal Party has called once more on state authorities to be vigilant following the mass poisoning of cats on New Year’s Day in Limassol.

According to the party, a Russian tourist who has been feeding cats in Dasoudi the past month, found at least ten of those cats dead on Monday afternoon.  It is believed that they have been poisoned.

The Animal Party said they reported the case to the nearest police station, and to the state vet services, who “responded immediately to their credit”.

The vet services picked up two of the cats for a necropsy, to find out the cause of their death.

“What’s tragic and very sad is that one of the kittens had its ear cropped, a standard practice done on neutered kittens,” the party said in an announcement.

It added that there is a cat colony in that area and volunteers were given coupons to neuter or spray stray cats they take care of as part of a neutering and spraying programme announced recently.

This probable mass poisoning is unacceptable, the party said.

“While efforts are being made by the state through the neutering programme to reduce the problem of increasing numbers of abandoned and stray cats and dogs, we regret to notice that our fellow citizens are choosing other methods, such as poisonings that are criminal and inhumane acts,” the party said.

It called on the competent state services and volunteers to be vigilant, and “report suspicious moves of our fellow citizens who, even in the days of Christmas and New Year, carry out barbaric and criminal acts against defenceless and innocent animals”.

They party expressed hope that this “bad and sad beginning to the new year does not continue in the same unacceptable and criminal way against animals, but ends soon for a better world, one of love and justice”.


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