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Cyprus Airways pilot appeal pending

The case goes back 20 years

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is expected to issue its decision on Tuesday in an appeal filed by a trainee pilot who was fired by Cyprus Airways more than 20 years ago.
According to a statement, Charalambos Nikolas, who has Cypriot and British nationality, filed a case against the now-defunct Cyprus Airways in 1998 for unlawful dismissal and defamation. The case was dismissed both by the District Court in 2006 and by the Supreme Court in 2010.
According to CNA, Nikolas then filed a lawsuit with the court in Strasbourg complaining that the Cyprus Supreme Court decision was not impartial and violated high rights to a fair trial. After his case was thrown out, he said he later discovered that the son of one of the Supreme Court judges who had ruled on his case was married to the daughter of one of the law firm’s associates that had represented the company and that both worked at the law firm.

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