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A body of work comes from a body of work

In art, what we consider to be contemporary is always changing. As so much has come before, artists struggle to create something that is truly unique and of the here and now. Touching on this theme will be the lecture to be held at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia on Thursday, under the name ‘Body and Exhibit – The Historical Exhibit as a Point of Departure for Contemporary Creation’.

The lecture, which will take place on the occasion of the closing of the Temple-boy exhibition by visual artist Pashias, will look at ways of expanding contemporary creation – and, by extension, the human body. According to the description of the lecture, “contemporary art visits and investigates its ‘essential’ origin, while at the same time the historical exhibit is reincorporated into a dimension of direct connection to human presence, defining its – persistent – critical importance as ‘eternal’ work of art.”

The discussion will bring together esteemed speakers from different forms of expression such as the visual arts, photography, dance and architecture, investigating the impact of various practices and specific artworks, and having as its central axis the archaeological exhibit.

The discussion will be followed by a tour of the Temple-boy exhibition. This exhibition brings the human body forward as a basic material for creation. The visual artist and his work introduce us to a series of limestone statuettes belonging to the temple servants – a Cypriot form of sculpture dating back to the fifth century BC. These statues are thought to have been offerings to the twelve Olympian gods or a festive token to celebrate the successful process of a child no longer depending on their mother for nourishment.

Body and Exhibit – The Historical Exhibit as a Point of Departure for Contemporary Creation
Lecture by a number of speakers. January 11. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. 7.30pm. Tel: 22-128157

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