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Loizidou secures injunction against paper

Prosecutor Eleni Loizidou

Nicosia district court on Wednesday granted an injunction request by suspended state attorney Eleni Loizidou, prohibiting the daily Politis from publishing contents from her email account.

 According to the court’s decision, the injunction prohibits the newspaper from publishing or using in any way the personal emails of Loizidou until the hearing of the lawsuit filed against Politis by her or until another court order was issued.

The court dismissed objections by Politis’ lawyers arguing that Loizidou’s right to privacy was more important.

Thousands of work-related emails sent from and to the personal Gmail account of Loizidou, a senior attorney in charge of extraditions service, were made public by a Russian website, after her account was hacked, and reproduced by Politis last November.  Other media also published some of the emails.

The emails indicated an excessive zeal on the part of Loizidou in pursuing extradition requests against Russian nationals submitted by the Russian Federation’s prosecutor-general. When the emails were made public, she was moved to another department of the state legal services by the attorney-general, but was subsequently suspended pending an investigation into her use of a personal email account for official business. The Council of Ministers appointed a special investigator.

Loizidou is suing Politis seeking damages of between €500,000 and €2m, claiming that the newspaper violated her right to privacy and the law on the protection of personal data.

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