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Five self improvement tips for overall health

Whether you’ve got all the free time in the world or just a few minutes per day, there are always small changes you can make that will help you improve and maintain your health. Here are a few self improvement tips that can produce big results without requiring big changes to your routine.

Hair Care
One of the ways to have healthier hair may surprise you: don’t wash it every day. The natural sebum oils in your hair help to keep it strong and shiny, and they protect your scalp from becoming dry and flaky. Unless your hair is naturally very oily, try washing it only once a week. Very hot water can damage the hair shafts and scalp, too, leading to breakage and dandruff. Use lukewarm water instead. Finally, you might think that the cheap hair products are just as good as the more expensive brands, but there really is a difference. Splurge a little on the good hair growth products for women, for instance, the products ScalpMed offers. Your hair will thank you.

Detox Treatments
Your body is designed to eliminate toxins from your system naturally with proper diet and exercise. Sometimes, though, you might want to try to help this process along with a healthy detox treatment. Remember that some of these programs are difficult to maintain: big dietary changes like fasting or juicing will take a lot of willpower, while special baths and spa treatments are time-consuming and expensive. If you want to try a detox treatment, ask your doctor to help you decide what would be right for you. For instance, if the toxins are coming from heavy drugs and alcohol use, you should seek help from the professionals at Luminance Recovery drug rehab in Orange County.

Skin Care
If you frequently wear makeup or wash with antibacterial soap, this will dry your skin and leave it dull and tired-looking. A good moisturizer will help prevent flakes and premature wrinkles. Take an extra couple of minutes in the shower to give your skin a healthy treat. The time-test skin care technique of achieving exfoliation with a soft loofah or bath brush will get rid of dead cells and give your skin a fresh, healthy look and feel. Use an organic scented bath gel on your loofa to infuse your skin with a relaxing herbal aroma that will stay with you all day.

For the average human being, the best diet plan is the simplest: drink water, eat a variety of healthy foods, and get some exercise every day. You don’t even have to completely deprive yourself of your favorite unhealthy treats: when the cravings strike, try just taking one or two bites and putting the rest away. You’ll usually find that you’re satisfied with just a taste instead of an entire serving. It’s easier than you think to stop thinking about sugary desserts and salty snacks if you don’t cut them out entirely.

Many people don’t bother to meditate because they feel like they can’t “do it right.” However, you don’t have to travel to a high mountain top or lock yourself in a candle-lit room for hours on end to reap the benefits of meditation. Even taking a few minutes per day to sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind (or at least try to) can lead to improved mental and physical health. The trick to successful meditation lies in not expecting any major spiritual revelations—just allow yourself to be mindful of the moment and enjoy the experience for whatever it brings you.

A few smart choices and practical habits will go a long way in the pursuit of improved health. Whether it’s hair, skin, or the systems operating beneath the surface, people have a duty to their bodies to find ways to keep them looking and feeling their best.

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