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No nationwide rally being organised by Anastasiades camp

President Anastasiades


The election campaign staff of Nicos Anastasiades has confirmed that no final nationwide rally will be held next Tuesday.

Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, an Anastasiades staffer said an event is to take place in Nicosia on Tuesday, January 23, but it will “most likely” be a gathering of volunteers who worked for the campaign.

The source said that if this gathering does go ahead, it would be held at the Filoxenia conference centre in the capital.

The same source denied that a pan-Cyprian rally-type gathering had been planned for next Tuesday and that it was subsequently cancelled due to fears of a poor turnout.

He said rumours of a final, mass event in Nicosia for Anastasiades had spread after the campaign’s media team mistakenly posted on social media a draft plan of the schedule, which featured such a happening.

“It was only a draft, a proposal,” the source insisted.

Likewise, reports that Greek pop singer Sakis Rouvas would be performing at this campaign finale were also just that – speculation.

“It’s true that at one point some people had toyed with the idea of holding a concert with Mr Rouvas, but this was never pursued. So no, nothing was actually cancelled.”

Instead, the Anastasiades camp will throughout the week be organising various indoor events in each district.

On Thursday, a gathering of supporters is planned in Larnaca, and in Limassol on Friday.

Despite the Anastasiades camp’s denials, media pundits suspect the team may have been scared off holding a grand finale after seeing what happened to a gathering of supporters of Nicolas Papadopoulos.

The Papadopoulos event, held this Tuesday at the Eleftheria indoor sports arena, turned out to be a major flop. Pictures taken at the event clearly showed the arena half-full – despite the fact that Papadopoulos is backed by a total of four parties.

That little detail did not stop Papadopoulos staffer Chrysis Pantelides from boasting on Twitter that the sports arena was “packed to the rafters.”

His move backfired spectacularly, with several people taking to social media trolling Pantelides.

As for the campaign of Akel-backed Stavros Malas, a large gathering was held on Monday at the Eleftheria arena, featuring a number of Greek singers.


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