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Large fine for illegal bird trapping

A bird caught in an illegal mist net

A 38-year-old man was fined 8,000 euros on Wednesday for using illegal mist nets to trap thrushes in Zygi.

Information received on Tuesday led to a surveillance operation by the Games Fund regarding illegal bird trapping in the area. There the officers caught the 38-year old in the act and arrested him on the spot and managed to release a number of birds from the mist nets.

The press officer of the Games fund, Petros Anagiotos, told the Cyprus Mail, that the man lured the birds towards the mist nets using loudspeakers which emitted the sound of birdsong, catching and later killing many of them. The man’s equipment was seized for evidence.

“The officers of the Games Fund set up surveillance on the individual following a tip-off and caught him in the act. He was arrested and fined 8000 euros because the practices he used to hunt these birds are illegal,” he said.



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