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Woman remanded in complicated Limassol murder case

Police are searching for Sergo Aslanishvili in connection with the murder

A 32-year-old Latvian woman was remanded for eight days on Tuesday in connection with the murder of Ernesto Leonides, 47, in Limassol last week.

The case has spanned into a web of arrests and wanted persons. Leonides, a Greek national of Georgian extraction, was shot at a restaurant in broad daylight on Thursday.

Police issued a bulletin on Tuesday saying Sergo Aslanishvili, 28, from Georgia was wanted in relation to the premeditated murder of Leonides.

In total, four people have been arrested and police are searching for six suspects: a 29-year-old Russian, Aslanishvili, a 57-year-old Greek national of Georgian extraction who was dining with Leonides, the three believed to have shot the victim and one more person who was eating with him.

The 32-year-old woman had admitted during questioning that she drove a rental car away from the crime scene at the request of her 29-year-old Russian boyfriend, who police are on the hunt for. He is also the brother of one man in custody for his alleged connection with the case.

The court heard the boyfriend had picked up his brother, 25, and a man from Georgia, 24, who are already in police custody, when they were leaving the murder scene.

They are suspected of driving the three shooters to the location with the rental car.

The 32-year-old met with her boyfriend who gave her the keys to the vehicle without telling her what had happened, court heard.

After moving the car, she returned the keys to him. However, she has not given any information as to where he might be now.

Police are also on the hunt for him for a separate case, which has the involvement of his 32-year-old girlfriend, for which she was also remanded for eight days on Tuesday.

The case concerns a report filed to police two years ago from a man who paid a woman for sex. Shortly after the deed was done, two people showed him footage of his encounter on a tablet telling him he would receive a phone call with specific instructions he should follow.

He received two calls from a German number where one person, with a Russian accent – believed to be the 29-year-old – asked for 120,000 in bitcoin, which was roughly €100,000 at the time.

Earlier this year, he received emails with a link to the video and a request for a transfer of 25,000 bitcoins to four digital wallets. The amount was worth around €220,000.

He was threatened that if the money wasn’t transferred, the video would be sent to friends and relatives.

The flat where the recorded incident took place in was rented by a business in which the 32-year-old woman was a secretary and had keys to.

At the time he received the calls from a German number, the couple had been in Germany.

Police are searching for another two people they suspect of being involved in this case, as well as the 29-year-old Russian.

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