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US recognizes right of the Republic of Cyprus to develop EEZ resources

“The United States recognizes the right of the Republic of Cyprus to develop its resources in its Exclusive Economic Zone”, said a State Department Spokesperson, adding that the US policy on Cyprus’s EEZ is longstanding and has not changed.

In a written reply to questions concerning the latest developments in Cyprus’ EEZ, the Spokesperson said that the State Department continues to believe that “the island’s oil and gas resources, like all of its resources, should be equitably shared between both communities in the context of an overall settlement”.

“We discourage any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region,” he added.

When asked about a recent ship collision in the Aegean Sea, near the Imia islands, the Spokesperson said the State Department was aware of media reports of this incident. “Turkey and Greece have long-established diplomatic channels for addressing Aegean issues. We encourage all parties to take steps that will de-escalate the current situation,” he said.

He also noted that as a matter of principle, the United States supports the sovereignty of the countries in the region, including Greece and Turkey.

Asked finally about a recent deal for the supply of S-400 missiles to Turkey from Russia, the State Department Spokesperson reiterated that “it is important that NATO countries procure military equipment that is interoperable with NATO systems” adding that a Russian system would not meet that standard.

“Such procurement would also be inconsistent with the commitment made by Allies at the Warsaw Summit to enhance resilience by working to address existing dependencies on Russian-sourced legacy military equipment through national efforts,” he concluded.


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