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Memories interact with dance

The European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 programme of events may be over but the traces it has left on our cultural scene are still very much alive. Proving this point will be performer Arianna Economou who will talk about her solo interactive performance Trails of Memories: Crevices of the Mind/Time Lost & Time Found and present a new piece on Wednesday in Nicosia.

The performance was part of the Terpisichore programme for dance research and development within the Pafos2017 events and was performed within the Trails and Memories exhibition in November 2017.

On Wednesday, Economou will present videos of the site-specific performance, talk about her research so far and present her solo interactive performance Archaic Ritual-Myth live.

Trails of Memories: Crevices of the mind: Time Lost & Time Found consists of solo dances on the weaving and threading of fragmented stories. This research project delves into the archaeology of human emotions and the complex textures of memory. It was performed in the old town of Paphos, which is built on layered history full of legends and myths. This mythology, history and everyday life is part of the interactive performance.

Trails of Memories
Solo interactive performance by Arianna Economou. February 21. Dancehouse Lekkosia, 25 Parthenonos, Ayios Andreas, Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Tel: 70-005035

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