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Baby in critical condition, after having been declared dead (updated)

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The three-month-old baby who was reportedly declared dead on Monday afternoon and was found to be alive 45 minutes later at Paphos hospital is battling for its life.

“Its condition is very serious, there seems to be a problem with cerebral function, but that will be confirmed and we will know the exact outcome within the next two days,” Chief Health Officer Elisavet Constantinou said on Tuesday afternoon.

The baby was taken to Paphos general hospital by its father at 3.40pm after having vomited.

Doctors found the infant had swallowed its vomit and had no pulse.

“The baby was comatose when it went to Paphos hospital,” Constantinou said. “There were intense efforts of cardiopulmonary revival by a group of doctors in the hospital and eventually it seems that heart function was restored and it was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unit of the Makarios hospital.”

Earlier on it was reported that doctors made some unsuccessful attempts to revive the child before announcing its death, and when about 45 minutes later the baby underwent a cardiogram before the body was transferred to the morgue, it was found to be alive.

Immediately after a brain scan was carried out and a brain injury and an epidural hematoma were diagnosed and the infant was hurried to Makarios hospital in Nicosia.

When the mother was questioned, she said the infant fell from a couch three days earlier and hit its head but the parents only went to the hospital when it started vomiting.

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