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Six-day remand for string of offences

A 30-year-old man was remanded on Saturday for six days in Limassol after being arrested for trying to evade a police check, causing a road accident and for two pending arrest warrants against him for cases concerning robbery, threats of violence and attempt at extortion.

The man was arrested on Friday when he refused to stop at a routine traffic check in Larnaca. He reportedly tried to escape the check by speeding off and hitting an officer with his car door mirror, and crashing into three cars before being immobilised.

In his car, police located a sports pistol, a grinder with traces of cannabis, a small quantity of narcotics and drug use equipment.

Police also discovered that two arrest warrants were pending against him.

The first one concerns a robbery in March 2014 in Souni, in Limassol where two men had taken property worth around €700 under the threat of violence and while carrying assault weapons.

The other case concerns attempt of extortion from a Syrian national who the suspect, along with two other men, allegedly helped cross to the government-controlled areas through the north. They were paid from migrant but allegedly demanded an additional €1,000 and threatened him. The other two men involved are currently on trial.

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