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Cyprus Rally receives high praise from FIA

Clerk of the Course Nayia Kontopoulou

Once again, the Cyprus Rally and Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA) have made Cyprus proud, this time with high praise from the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Specifically, the organising committee of the 2017 Rally was awarded the title of ‘best organising committee in the world’.

“At the FIA we believe that it is very important to reward and celebrate committees that volunteer their free time at motorsport events,” the president of the FIA volunteers and official committees Mumtaz Tahincioglu said.

“Within my capacity as president of FIA volunteers and official committees, I announce that the organising committee of the Cyprus Rally 2017 is declared the best team of the International Federation officials for the season that has passed. We rely on the members of such organising committees which encourage their volunteers to continue their efforts in favour of sport.”

The trophy that goes along with the title of best organising committee in the world was received by post by the CAA, together with the certificate and special pins for the members of the organising committee. The awards were presented to members of the Cyprus Rally Organising Committee by the CAA in a simple event at the offices of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, where the CAA is hosted.

Chairman of the CSS and Chairman of the Cyprus Rally Organising Committee Antonis Michaelides said during the ceremony: “This is a very important honour from FIA. This award recognises the long-term commitment of our organisers to motorsport and it also proves international recognition and praise.

“The award does not mean that we are perfect. We will continue our efforts to the cause with the same devotion and we will continuously strive to become better.”

The clerk of the Cyprus Rally, Nayia Kontopoulou, said: “We all know that most international races are organised in part by professionals and that they have huge budgets behind them. We managed to earn this award because at every Cyprus Rally we give our all and we put a lot of spirit into it.

“This is something that cannot be bought or fit into any budget. We have managed to raise our country to the highest position in motorsport worldwide. We are very proud of this award and it is recognition for our hard work, our association and our country in general.”

It should be noted that in 2016, the FIA awarded Kontopoulou the title of ‘FIA Best Senior Official of the Season 2016’ and that she was also elected to sit on the FIA Rally Commission board.

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