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Limassol bus drivers call 48-hour strike

Limassol bus drivers said Tuesday that on March 20 they will be going ahead with a strike announced a month ago over pay disputes with the company, Emel.

The drivers said they will be holding a 48-hour strike on March 20 and 21, urging all parties involved to work towards resolving the problem until then.

A statement from their unions, Sek and Peo, said the drivers wanted the concessions they made in wages and benefits in 2014 reinstated, making clear they were not seeking any pay rises.

“Full restoration of the concessions is not up for negotiation, it is a company obligation,” they said.

The workers had given a month for the dispute to be resolved but there was no result “since the company continues to refer the matter to the transport ministry and the ministry to the company.”

They stressed that the strike was not and end in itself and as a sign of their intentions they gave an extra two weeks as the last chance to resolve the issue permanently as part of the company’s obligation to fully restore the concessions.

The drivers asked for the public’s understanding, arguing they had no other way of claiming their rights.

The strike had been announced a month ago, following a 24-hour work stoppage for the same reason.

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