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Cyprus’ Eurovision video not a reflection of real Cypriot values 

It is with regret that we watched on Cybc television on March 2, 2018 the song that is going to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

My family and I as refugees moved to England back in 1975 after the Turkish invasion in order to survive and to offer to our children a sound education, but our hearts and thoughts are focused on the motherland, Cyprus.

It is a fact that contests of this nature in general demonstrate the level of civilisation of the participating countries amongst other things. It is also a fact that the Eurovision is equally watched the world over by young ‘innocent’ children who like to copy for the sake of music what they watch on television.

I was not born yesterday and I am blessed with grandchildren in the age group of 8-9-year-olds.  We all enjoy musical shows and we look forward with great interest to watch the annual Eurovision with particular focus on the song from Cyprus.

Watching that evening on Cybc we came to realise and felt ashamed of how low we the Greek Cypriots have gone down in values, quality and presentation that show who we really are today.  The impression that was given was that of a ‘light’ porno show to put it very mildly and the vocals were also well below standard.

I expressed my feelings on the day to the president of Cybc, pointing out that what was shown on TV that evening does not do justice to the talent that still exists in Cyprus that points more to our heritage and civilisation.

I hope that those involved will reconsider the way that the song will be presented to the public at large the world over.


Christakis Christofides, UK


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