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Ricky Gervais has called for a ban on wild animals in circuses

British comedian Ricky Gervais has urged the UK to ban nationwide the use of wild animals in circus acts

The 56-year-old comedian is backing Animal Defenders International (ADI) and has urged the UK to ban nationwide the use of wild animals in circus acts.

Ricky, who is an outspoken supporter of animal rights, said: “Using and abusing animals is not what I call entertainment.

“A ban on wild animal circus acts needs to happen without delay. Please support ADI and help secure a UK-wide ban, ending this madness once and for all.”

The plea comes after legislation was blocked in England by a single MP.

Ricky isn’t the first celebrity to urge the UK to stop the use of animals in circuses.

The late Sir Roger Moore previously joined People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in fighting for tigers and lions and urged the Prime Minister to bring in the ban on the circuses.

The likes of prolific film and theatre star Brian Blessed also backed the campaign and said: “It cannot come soon enough for the animals, who must endure an utterly unnatural and miserable life in the circus.”

And ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star Joanna Lumley said it is “haunting and horrifying” that the animals are forced to perform and are “caged and confined”.

She said: “Forced to perform, caged and confined, it is haunting and horrifying to see animals being used in circuses… We must end these pitiful acts across the UK.”

Last month, the UK Government indicated it would ban wild animals in circuses with the country by 2020 but campaigners are not convinced by the pledge.

Jan Creamer, president of ADI, said: “After so many years of promises, the public remains both frustrated and sceptical.

“They have heard it all before. With Scotland leading the way, the UK Government, and Wales and Northern Ireland, must call time on wild animals in circuses and legislate without further delay.”

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