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Is a criminal investigation needed into the sea caves?
What is your opinion on the Peyia sea caves situation? Does this warrant a criminal investigation?
H & Steff Law

I doubt it but the situation is not as simple as it appears. One must consider the compensation rights that land/property owners have due to imposed restrictions. Cancelling a planning permit is all the worse since the Republic will be called upon to pay damages which could run into several millions. I agree however that this case has not been handled correctly by the local authorities and there is room even at this time for added protection.
AP Loizou


We have a plot of land which abuts onto an asphalted road. Yet upon application to develop the planning authority rejected it due to it being a non-registered road. How can this be?
Christos Lenos

It happens I am afraid. The road must be so registered notwithstanding its present situation. In addition the minimum road width must be 4m in order to allow development (in fact if a road is registered as being public, but if it is not made up this will not be a problem for a plot’s development).
AP Loizou

We have tried and tried to plant a small patch of grass in our garden, but then, it dries after a few months. We have checked the water quality, the subsoil etc and there are no problems on this end. Any views based on your experience?
Costas Xenis

If what you say is correct and including regular watering, check if the grass is affected by lack of sun light and/or any tree roots underneath. At the end of the day you may have to resort to a plastic grass I am afraid – not uncommon in Cyprus.
AP Loizou


We intend to hire a shop for our business. On top of it, on our roof, some other neighbor placed a huge sign advertising his business. We asked him to remove it but he refused. So what is our remedy?
Nina Lotchard

Check if he has secured a planning permit from the local authority (pay them a visit) and if he has secured the permit to do so by the local administrative committee. If no permit you can seek a court order to have the sign removed. Not the best solution since it will cost money and time and you have to decide if you can find somewhere else or if it is worth renting it and waiting.
AP Loizou

A quick question regarding property transfer fees. It is true that if a parent wishes to give their house to their child there is no property transfer tax to be paid?
P Snowden

Yes – very little around ±€100.
AP Loizou

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