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Singing with the metal wolves

There is nothing like an anniversary to go out and party. Metal fans will need no further excuse than the popular Cypriot power metal band Winter’s Verge who will celebrate their 15th anniversary with a huge bang on Wednesday in Nicosia.

The five-member band’s first album, Eternal Damnation, (which was released in 2007) caused a stir in power metal communities around the globe. It received great reviews, a bigger fan base and reassurance that the band had made it.

Now the band has multiple international album releases, European tours and fans all around the world, so success is a given. The band members combine epic atmospherics, crunching technical riffs, intense speed and power into a rich, textured and immersive whole. Live shows are an experience to behold and with each band member at the top of their game, fans better get ready to do a whole lot of head banging.

The band will perform songs from their whole discography, including songs from their latest album The Wolves of Tiberon, which was released in 2017. Special guests who had a part to play in the band’s progress and history throughout the years, will also join the band on stage.

Winter’s Verge – 15th Anniversary Special Show
Live performance by the local metal band. April 4. Downtown Live, Nicosia. 8pm. €8. Tel: 99-810011

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