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Artistic views of reality

Reality is what you make of it. It can be pushed and pulled and shattered to become something different in our minds. Nine artists came together to do exactly that at Beat Bazaar in Limassol, where their nine different interpretations of reality are currently being exhibited.

Under the name ‘Fragmented Realities’, local and international artists Myria Nikolaidou, Christos Panayiotou, Alexia Papacosta, Ben van Eijk, Christos Panagiotou, Maria Paschali, Christina Antoniadou, Petros Kameris and Andia Doa will continue to show us their realities until Thursday. These fragmented narratives are displayed to us in the form of illustrations, paintings, photographs, typographies and jewellery.

Illustrator, jewellery maker and photographer Nikolaidou is inspired by her nomadic lifestyle, as well as Nature and humanoid forms. She focuses on illustration and jewellery but also works with painting, photography and ceramics. Her work creates a bond between the raw and the fluid, crafting a distorted view of reality and a peek into the artist’s universe.

Photographer and digital manipulator Panayiotou has a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Arts. Through his art, he explores the manifestation of space, time and movement, as well as the way in which it is reconstructed and expressed within a photographic framework. He explores how the deconstruction of the original photographic space could be reconstructed artificially in a different context.

Illustrator and typographist Papacosta works with acrylic, ink, markers, watercolour and other media. She mainly creates abstract pieces of art, combining geometric shapes and typography. Alexia draws inspiration from music, urban culture, lifestyle and travelling.

Illustrator Eijk, from Australia, brings an organic feel to his artwork. He is now based in Amsterdam and his two main styles are black and white comical surreal illustrations and mixed-media, vividly coloured artworks, both on paper.

Photographer, painter and digital manipulator Panagiotou gathers newspaper clippings, which he places into a large red notebook, and also collects butterflies and leaves from the trees, which he puts into frames. He seeks beauty in the little things, and this is reflected in his art.

Photographer and typographist Paschali has always found art to be an enormous part of her life. She loves to combine art photography with typographic elements in order to create something new. It’s a way of expressing herself with strong emotion and passing a powerful meaning through the art.
Self-taught photographer Antoniadou has been taking pictures since 2008. She specialises in Nature and urban photography in Limassol. She focuses on abstract views of trees and other elements of Nature, as well as details of the built environment.
Photographer Kameris captures Nature, portraits, the human body and urban life in his frame.

Painter and illustrator Doa is an incurable dreamer who draws while imagining the big things that are on the horizon for her.

Fragmented Realities
Group exhibition. Until April 5. Beat Bazaar, 20 Chatziloizi Michailidi Street, Limassol. 4.30pm-10pm. Tel: 99-849560

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