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Fruit and veg rip-off ahead of Easter

The owners of fruit markets charged on Tuesday prices of fruit and vegetables were grossly overpriced without justification ahead of Easter, suggesting some people were profiteering.

In a statement, chairman of the fruit market association Polis Kattashis, said consumers were being forced to pay higher prices than what they did during Christmas, Green Monday, and last Easter.

Kattashis said price hikes were not justified at the moment since weather conditions had been favourable and there was an excess supply of Cypriot fruit and vegetables on the market.

He said he expected prices to drop significantly after Easter.

With the statement, Kattashis attached a list of products whose prices appeared to have skyrocketed inside one month.

For instance, tomatoes are currently sold around €2.80 per kilo from €0.90, greenhouse cucumbers went up some €2, to €2.30, and zucchini €3 from €0.80.

Similarly, the price per kilo for broccoli rose to €2.30 from €0.90, and peppers to €4 from €1.80.

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