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Lessons to be learnt from teaching exams

Necessary adjustments must be made to improve the next round of teaching exams in two years’ time, the head of the House education committee, Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis, said on Tuesday.

Speaking to state broadcaster CyBC radio, Hadjiyiannis said that the results of the exams which were released on Monday should not be greeted negatively but the low success rates must be looked into to determine the reasons behind them.

Only 37.2 per cent of the 5,000 or so who took the new exams passed. The government said the results would ensure that only the very best candidates would become teachers.

The lowest success rate was in the Greek philology exams, where only 6.8 per cent of the 799 people who took the exam got an overall pass grade. They were tested on Greek language, linguistics, literature, Latin, ancient Greek, history, and also took a skills test.  The lowest grades were in Latin and ancient Greek.

On the low results of the philology exams, Hadjiyiannis said that it has to be looked into whether it was the level of difficulty of the exams or any other reason.

Overall, he said, through this procedure, “we have acquired massive experience and we should look into the problems so that we can improve”.

“I’m glad that problems have arisen, so that in the next exams in two years, we will have addressed them to avoid any mistakes,” Hadjiyiannis said.

Hadjiyiannis said that only 50per cent the results of the exams count in the new teacher appointment system. The rest is experience, university degree grade and additional academic qualifications.

But according to the head of unemployed teachers, Maria Koina, the new appointment system is unfair.

“People who have received high exam scores, should also be high on the appointment list, but if they have no working experience, they are not,” she said.

She said that the low success rate ought to concern those in charge as candidates might not have had the time to prepare.

Koina said that the exams material was not announced on time.

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