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Restaurant review: Aris Tavern, Limassol

I love it when the weather starts to warm up – you can sit outside again absorbing the beauty that is Limassol rather than sitting inside a stuffy restaurant. I love it even more when I do this framed by the picturesque Heroes’ Square. And the cherry on top? When the restaurant is as laid-back as you are feeling you get to truly relax and enjoy your dinner.

They say never judge a book by its cover, and this runs true for Aris tavern –surrounded by the ‘jazz and pizzazz’ of downtown Heroes’ square, it might not stand out but walking on by would be a mistake. There is one reason to visit, and one reason alone – and it should suffice anyone going out for dinner – the food. They consistently serve, day in and out, delicious food.

Aris is a traditional tavern meaning that you shouldn’t overly rely on menus to find your footing around what you are going to eat – if you are familiar with Cypriot cuisine just order your favourite meze dishes and you are good to go. If however you are not, just order the meze. It really is as simple as that – and it is as good as it sounds. On my visit, not one to waste with a superfluous amount of dishes that I may barely touch, I ordered the favourites.

The meal started with salad, halloumi, traditional zucchini and eggs, mushrooms, traditional pasta and sausage. Served in the most unpretentious and subtle way possible, what invites is just the sheer look of the food. The food just looks mouthwateringly tasty – I have never had anything that was not good enough. Their highlight though for me is the fried zucchini balls, which offer huge punches of flavour with each bite. Pairing them with tzatziki adds just one more level of taste to an already delicious dish.

When it comes to the main, or basically which meat option you will opt for as that is what taverns mean as the main course, the best options are the pork and chicken souvlaki. Cooked to perfection, they are Cypriot cuisine at its finest, meatiest and unhealthiest. The most unstoppable combination!

With a great variety of mostly Greek and Cypriot wine, as well as local beers it is about as traditional as you can get – and there is no reason not to enjoy it. The only downside is that traditional stretches as far as the service, so do not expect to be waited on hand and foot. Yet, do not let this act as a deterrent.

As it is, Aris Tavern is one of the most low-key, affordable and ‘worth it’ type of establishments in Limassol. There are some downsides but they are nowhere near enough to overpower their quality of food – so be willing to overlook them and make sure this restaurants hits your to-do list this month.

WHERE Aris tavern, Heroes Square, Limassol
CONTACT 99 344237

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