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Owners of dangerous dogs warned to take responsibility

Owners of dangerous breeds of dogs and other aggressive dogs have been warned to take responsibility for their animals as they pose a danger to public safety.

The health inspector for the Paphos Municipality, Christos Christou said on Saturday that according to the law, four dog breeds are currently on the dangerous breeds list in Cyprus and importing and owning them is banned. The ban covers the Αmerican Pit Bull, the Japanese Tossa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brazileiro dog breeds.

Those who owned one of those breeds before the law was passed in 2002 had to spay or neuter them to avoid further breeding.

Christou said that after so many years, “under normal conditions, we shouldn’t have any more dogs of these dangerous breed in Cyprus”.

He stressed, however, that a dangerous dog is not necessarily a matter of their breed.

The conditions in which a dog lives might make it dangerous. In these cases, he said, authorities have the right to remove it.

Christou said that his service has had to apply the law on some occasions when dog owners did not behave responsibly.

Dog owners whose pet exhibits dangerous behaviour, he said, “must realise their responsibility” because such a dog left roaming unsupervised poses a real danger to public health.

“They have a grave responsibility,” Christou said.

A 27-year-old man who owns at least five Rottweilers and kept them in Yeroskippou faces charges of charges of manslaughter and causing death through negligence after a 46-year-old Bulgarian woman died in February. The woman is believed to have been mauled to death by dogs. The latest autopsy results on her body have not been made public. The man’s trial is set for April 18, at the Paphos Criminal Court.


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