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Appeal to the two leaders ahead of their dinner

In view of the impending meeting between Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci, we a group of Cypriot citizens are appealing to the two leaders.  This appeal is supported by the citizens who believe in the prospect of a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

The time for a settlement is becoming dangerously exhausted and the consequent predictable political developments are nightmarish to think about. Ankara’s warnings that it will continue its interventions in Cyprus’ EEZ and in the entire Eastern Mediterranean continue and intensify and the international community does not hold Turkey responsible for the impasse in the Cyprus issue. It actually does not show any willingness to actively support Cyprus.

If this response to Turkey’s provocations becomes an established one, it will be the end for the Cyprus issue and this will be tragic both for the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities

We call on the leaders of both communities to take immediate initiatives to to end the current deadlock and open the way for a settlement based on a bizonal-bicommunal federation with political equality of the communities as set out in the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

We call on the leaders of both communities to openly commit themselves to reaching an overall agreement with mutual concessions within a short period of time. What must be done is very specific.

Both sides should declare that they accept the Guterres framework and informal document, as delivered and interpreted by the UN Secretary-General himself.

The two leaders must declare themselves ready for an international conference on security and guarantees before anything else such as drilling for hydrocarbons, elections in Turkey or any other factor that might again poison the climate and lead to a new crisis.

On the basis of the this, the basic parameters of the Cyprus problem will be resolved and there will be enough time to address the outstanding, less important issues.

All Cypriots can live peacefully and in a civilised manner in our country and ensure our independence as a state and our future course as a multicultural society within Europe.

A group of Cypriot citizens, via email

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