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Outstanding customer service

Because it always seems to be bad news that is reported, I wanted to pass on what I feel was excellent customer services from Papantoniou’s supermarket in Paphos.

I have lived in Paphos for 12 years with my partner and we love our life here in Cyprus.  I am not one to complain but recently after purchasing a gluten free product from Papantoniou in Chlorakas I had a rather bad experience.  I felt I needed to relay this back to them which I did and received the most apologetic response and offer of a refund if I returned the product in question.  I must add that the damage to this product was in no way their fault as it seems it was opened by a customer who then did not buy it and returned it to the shelf for it to go mouldy.  Anybody with a gluten intolerance would understand how important it is for the product to be correct.  They have advised that they have checked all the other items on the shelf are they are all totally fine. I advised them that I had destroyed the item in question as it was contaminated but appreciated their response.
They did not give up and I have today received more than I expected in complimentary gluten free products as a gift.

Their customer services was outstanding and I felt that this was something that I wanted to pass on, well Done Papantoniou!


Carol Lang, Paphos

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