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Can I sell if semi-detached houses registered as one?

I am currently selling my house which is a semi-detached renovated house in Mesa Geitonia Limassol. My deeds state that I am a quarter owner together with my husband another quarter owner and the next-door neighbours the one half of the property. We went to the land registry office and they said that our file does not contain any separation of the two houses. In the meantime the house next door is for sale as well, which is in very poor condition and in need of renovation or demolition.

Our dilemma is, if the next-door house was to be purchased to be renovated or knocked down how can we be sure that this will be done to correct code i.e licensed contractors will come and fix the property and not cowboys.

The reason for our concern is that our external wall is their internal wall. (Our house was built first). Should we file a division of deeds through the land registry to safeguard our interests or some kind of legal document?

We believe that they need our signature before selling their property and we understand there are two types of divisions one on deeds and one through the municipality (architect).

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.



I note what you say and in general your belief is correct.

The easiest way at this point is to get together with your other 1/2 share owner and sign a division agreement showing which part belongs to who. This will be deposited at the Lands Office so at least you secure which share is yours.

The agreement could be done either by a land clerk or an advocate.

Once this is all done then you can proceed with the division of the two lots requiring the services of an architect.


AP Loizou

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