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Protaras needs to get its act together

What an understatement, your article “Race to complete works on popular Protaras thoroughfare” 6th April 2018.
Paralimni Municipality have managed to do what the Turks failed to do in ‘74 they have created a war site complete with bomb craters in Paralimni.

Protaras is a disgrace and has been for the last three years. Yes, it is a tourist area but also a commercial, business and residential area. How it manages to carry on is beyond me.
The reason why this project has gone on so long is quite simple, not enough resources have been employed actually doing the work. Every time I have been unfortunate enough to visit the area there has only been a handful of workers working on the project.

In simple terms if it takes 5 men 50 days to dig 1 hole it will only take 5 days for 50 men to dig the same hole. More resources reduce the time taken.
The signage is a joke, even locals find it difficult to navigate let alone strangers and tourist and as for the “pavements” well a European description would be “it is not fit for purpose” and as for health and safety it is a claimant’s dream.
The fine imposed on the contactor, what a great idea this is. How does this help anybody except the municipality who I presume will use it to help the businesses survive and reimburse them by reducing their taxes. With this financial burden I presume it will only be a matter of time before the present contractor gives up.
It sums it up when a meeting is held by the head of the public works department after the revised date for completion had passed and already given a 134-day extension. Did nobody oversee the project? It was never going to be completed by this date. “It is expected to improve before June/July” (note no year is given). “We hope that things will be much better than today”. What sort of confidence or urgency is portrayed by this statement?
It is about time somebody took control and responsibly for getting the project completed and the area back into a 2018/19 tourist destination where people want to come, enjoy and come back. I have heard this somewhere before …. Isn’t this what Cyprus used to be.

Cypriots can be very tolerant, sometimes too tolerant, tourists aren’t, they have perhaps two weeks to enjoy their hard earned vacation and  expectations are high. They go home and tell friends of their experience and if it is a bad experience it takes an awful long time and effort to change their minds.
And while on the subject. Paralimni Municipality also needs to look at Protaras that needs a good clean, tidy up and maintenance work. There is a lot of revenue taken from this area but very little return from the municipality. Their neighbours Ayia Napa maintain the streets, pavements and communal areas much better.

An example is how beautiful Fig Tree Bay is, believe me not with the graffiti that has been there for at least the last two years, and imagine how many photos there are around the world of the beautiful bay complete with graffiti.

Get your act together and quickly, it is a competitive world and Paralimni will be left with the tail end of tourist and not the spenders.

David Townsend, via email

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