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Court of Appeals declines vote recount for 2016 Limassol mayoral race

Former Limassol mayor Andreas Christou

A court of appeal has upheld a decision by a court of first instance that rejected a recount of votes in the municipal elections in 2016 when former mayor Limassol Andreas Christou lost to Nicos Nicolaides by nine votes.

Christou had filed an appeal with the supreme court against a decision by the electoral court which rejected his application for a recount.

According to an announcement by the Andreas Angelides law office, the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the court of first instance as correct in that the testimony of the applicants was “divergent and contradictory”, and that the respondent’s – Nicolaides – request was convincing.

The court accepted testimony that no substantive irregularity was found in the 11 polling stations under scrutiny.

The basic points of the appeal were that omissions and irregularities were committed in the counting of the votes and that arbitrary or inconsistent criteria were used in determining the validity of ballots without any centralised oversight of decisions taken by different polling station chairpersons.

It was alleged that these omissions and irregularities in the counting, in combination with the small difference in number of votes received by the two major candidates, altered the final result.