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Paintings reflect the life of a poet at sea

Art sometimes borrows from art. It is inspired by what has come before and rejoices in the familiar while creating something new. Artist Haris Papadema will share with us her latest creations, which are considered a study on the work of poet Nikos Kavvadias.

The solo exhibition, which will open tomorrow at Morfi Gallery in Limassol at 7.30pm, will showcase a series of new works as well as four earlier works. The new works represent a kind of artist-to-artist conversation, expounding on the poetry and prose of Kavvadias. These works follow Papadema’s artistic style, an expressionist style which involves dripping – a technique in which paint is left to drip on the canvas. In some of her works, she also uses pieces of wood which have been ‘spat out’ by the Limassol sea.

The colour palette the artist has used for this collection is made up of shades of blue and grey. These colours represent the sea and its changing shades of colour depending on the light, the weather and the ‘moods’ of the sea – these moods ranging from violent storms to tranquil water, brought out in turquoise, grey or black. The marine subject matter and the colours used are a tribute to the poet, as it is a well-known fact that he loved painting and colours. His poetry and prose often make reference to painters and artistic styles in painting.

Kavvadias was a Greek sailor, poet and writer. He used his travels around the world, as well as life at sea and its adventures, as powerful metaphors for the escape of ordinary people from the boundaries of reality.

Papadima was born in Melbourne and now lives and works in Limassol. She has taken part in a number of group exhibitions and her work is displayed in private collections in Cyprus and abroad.

This is her third solo exhibition. Her first, entitled ‘Inner Self’, was presented in 2013, concentrating on the words of the Greek poet Georgos Seferis. Her second exhibition, which was presented in January last year, was entitled ‘Kaleidoscope’, and employed her trademark dripping technique to bring to the scene a number of issues, including politics, society, family and climate change.

A Study on the Work of Poet Nikos Kavvadias
Solo exhibition by Haris Papadima. Opens April 25 at 7.30pm until May 5. Morfi Gallery, 84 Agkyras St, Limassol. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-8pm.Tel: 25-378733.

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