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Two more suspects arrested in double murder (Update 2)

The scene of the double murder in Strovolos (Christos Theodorides)

A further two suspects were arrested on Friday night in connection to the double murder which shocked the island, while police found the murder weapon used to stab a couple in their Nicosia home last week.

A 33-year-old suspect who was remanded for eight days a day earlier was questioned for several hours on Friday where he told police they could find the knife used to commit the crime and clothes he wore when he entered the couple’s home on the night of the murder last Thursday.

The clothes and the knife used to stab English School maths teacher Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou, 60, and his 59-year-old wife Dina Sergiou, who worked for the central bank, were found in the suspect’s fathers home.

Tests are pending to confirm if the evidence matches his claims.

At around 10pm, police said they had arrested a short while ago two people. A female, aged 21, reportedly his girlfriend and a 23-year-old man, his brother.

The suspect was questioned between 3pm and 8pm on Friday. He had been remanded for eight days on Thursday and presented himself in court without a lawyer and did not object to the remand.

Earlier on Friday, the couple’s 15-year-old son was interviewed by police for around three hours. He identified the suspect.

The teenager, who is adopted, was in the house the night his parents were brutally killed.

In his testimony on the day of the crime, he told police he saw two men. One, who had his face uncovered entered his room and allegedly told him he had killed his parents, asking the boy where the money was.

He led him downstairs to the kitchen and on the way he told him not to be afraid.

“I will not hurt you. I also have a son.”

The suspect asked the boy to open the kitchen door, which he did, and a second, hooded individual, came in.

The teen was then taken to the pantry where he was locked inside.

Police said the boy managed to escape half an hour later by removing the louvers from the aluminium door, hurting his hands in the process.

He then went upstairs to his parents’ room where he found them stabbed and then went outside to ask for help.

A post-mortem found that Hadjigeorgiou had been stabbed 25 to 30 times while his wife suffered around 10 blows. They both had one defensive wound each on their right arms.

The boy’s lawyer Giorgos Papaioannou spoke publically for the first time on Friday and said the arrest proved that the 15-year-old had not taken part in the affair and the boy had never been cautioned so as to be considered a suspect.

He said he had an opinion on whether police considered the minor as a potential suspect but that ‘is not for publication. I am holding on to the fact that he has not been cautioned’.

Papaioannou also voiced concern over the fact that the boy had been targeted from the onset, something that did a lot of damage.

He said almost everyone was convinced about the boy’s guilt, and that a lot of scenarios had been mentioned that had no grounds.

“In the condition he was in there were people who wrote on social media ‘confess so we can get it over with’. Why do I say all this? So you can understand the damage done to him,” Papaioannou said.

Police meanwhile, continued their investigation into the heinous crime but also warned the media to be careful about what they publish.

Following the arrest, spokesman Andreas Angelides said further investigations took place and additional evidence was collected and sent for forensics tests.

“What we can say at this moment is that the investigation is going well,” Angelides said, adding that there was still a lot of work to be done.

Angelides urged the media to avoid speculating and drawing scenarios and allow the authorities to get on with their work.

Pathologist Marios Matsakis, who has been hired by the family, insisted it was a robbery gone wrong and that there was nothing else left but to arrest any other perpetrators.

On Wednesday, police told the court they had learned that the crime had been planned for five years and that the perpetrators had inside help.

The suspect also told investigators that he knew who was involved and what the motive was.

No other details were heard in court and the general feeling afterwards was that the story was full of holes.

For instance, police found a pair of shoes at the scene, which the suspect said were his. The boy also said he was awaken by a man who didn’t cover his face and who told him he had just killed his parents.

Police also said they found two notepads in the suspect’s car during his arrest in which he allegedly wrote details of the crime.

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