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Tragedy, comedy and real-life situations

Through the theatre we are given a glimpse into other lives, extreme circumstances and an outlet to laugh at our own situation or be thankful for it in comparison to what we see on stage. In Nicosia the play The Shell by Konstantia Sotiriou will probably make audience members happy they are not in the heroine’s shoes while in Paphos, Heroes by Gerald Sibleyras will open eyes to the fact that things are not that serious after all.

In Paphos’ Stage One Theatre from Tuesday to Saturday, Heroes translated by Tom Stoppard, will show how too much action soon leads to boredom.

In this all male cast, ex World War One soldiers feel trapped in the boredom of their retirement home. Gustave, Philippe and Henri – all war heroes – plot their escape. They’ve had enough of the tortures of their confinement, which include dictatorial captors, untrustworthy fellow prisoners and far too many birthday parties. Together with witty dialogue and hilarious situations, these three heroes plan to make their get-away.

The play won The Olivier Best Comedy Award when it was first presented on the London Stage.

The Shell, which will be performed in Nicosia with English and Turkish subtitles on Thursday, focuses on Anna. The play’s plot revolves around Anna’s partner who is struck by a disease that violently cuts him off from the rest of the world.

Anna is then confronted with questions: does her existence end with his and how selfish is it to want to continue a normal life? The disease is Alzheimer’s and instead of concentrating on the patient and the shell of the person he used to be, Sotiriou illustrates what Alzheimer’s does to those surrounding the sufferer.

Performance of the play by Gerald Sibleyras. May 1-5. Stage One Theatre, Emba, Paphos. 7.30pm. €6/12. Tel: 99-967737

The Shell
Live performance of the play by Konstantia Sotiriou. May 3. THOC, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €6/12. In Greek with English and Turkish subtitles. Tel: 77-772717

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